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Why Get Life Insurance?
For the everyday person, they’ll hear the words life insurance and think “Well, that’s something to think
about getting if I want to ensure my loved ones are taken care of if I kick the bucket.”
This sort of mindset, to be fair, is something that has a long tradition in life insurance, which is one of the reasons why “term life insurance” has been the norm for so long. That’s the kind of insurance that only provides a payout to the beneficiary if the policy owner dies during the policy term, with each renewal term becoming more expensive as the policy owner gets older and the odds of them dying during the term go up. But life insurance is more innovative now!.”
Term life insurance is still the main product, but we also have a slew of other life insurance products,
including whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance, not
to mention all kinds of options like dividends, reduced premiums, cash value loans,
and disability coverage.
With life insurance, it doesn’t need to be limited to protecting your loved ones when you’re gone,
it can be a powerful investment, with life insurance policies often beating the stock market
when factoring in tax advantages! You just need to work with a knowledgeable
agent to find you the right plan to capture that value, and with those regular
payments storing up value for you, you’ll quite literally be set for life!
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InsuReady is a new InsurTech building out a platform to be to your one-stop solution for quick and easy insurance!

How We Do It

By combining cutting edge technology with insurance expertise, we can find the best insurance rate on the market and personalize it to your coverage needs

Why Only Life Insurance?

To ensure the best experience for customers, we are focusing on life insurance now, and will be expanding out to all other major insurance products in the future